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Vision, Mission and Core Values Statements of Sterling Technologies, Inc.

Sterling Technologies, vision, mission, and core values are based on a philosophy upon which all activities, policies and decision making are founded.  Each point in these statements is specific in nature while at the same time, can be applied broadly to every decision we make in the corporation.

The Sterling Technologies Vision

Sterling Technologies, Inc. is an alliance of customers, employees, suppliers, investors, and community members assembled to provide design, production, and distribution solutions to innovative companies while creating value and loyalty in each group.

The Sterling Technologies Mission

 To profitably develop, manufacture and market innovative products for our customers' specific needs.  Sterling Technologies will create value in meeting our customers' needs through utilizing our employees' skills, supplier's knowledge

Sterling Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1997 in Fairview, PA - 5 minutes south of Lake Erie.  By January the following year, the first rotational molding machine arrived at the new facility.  That spring, production began.

Since those meager beginnings, Sterling has purchased additional rotational molding machines, increased sales 80 fold, and taken on more of the toughest

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