Sterling Launches New Lighting Project

Sterling Technologies has implemented a new lighting initiative that will result in significantly less power usage through newer technology.  It is a government sanctioned project that requires all 200+ lighting fixtures to be completely replaced and updated with the new lights.

"It's just one of the things we're doing to be a more sustainable and environmentally responsible company", said President, Greg Cronkhite.

Aside from the ecological benefits, the new lighting reduces electric bills and substantially improves the lighting throughout the workplace.  Quality Manager, Ned Roach said "The entire plant looks much better.  It's more conducive to locating defects in the parts, we can find tools and materials more easily, and it seems to even boost morale.  One employee thought we had a sunlight put in my office".

Sterling has also begun initiatives in other areas of the plant to be more environmentally friendly.  The resin silos have been refitted which clears out shelf space and reduces wasted materials.  Sterling has also started regrinding its own material so there is less waste on fuel for scrap trucks, packaging materials, and other resources.

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