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Sterling Technologies, Inc. Receives Vendor of the Year for the Third Time

Erie, PA: Sterling Technologies, Inc. returned from the annual McCue Corporation supplier meeting with its third Vendor of the Year Award.

McCue Corp, a designer of safety and protection products to large retailers, held the meeting in “Academy Awards” style with red carpets and large printed backdrops.  Sterling Technologies, Inc. sent President, Cary Quigley; Customer Service Manager, Dacia Hamilton; and Project Engineer, Chris Myers to the ceremony.  The trio was gathered to accept the award on behalf of the company for the second consecutive time and the third year total.  Neither feat has ever been performed previously.

McCue outsources production to many different vendors, all of which are thoroughly reviewed and rated on a monthly basis.  The areas rated include items such as quality, on-time fulfillment, and customer service.  Sterling surpassed all competition with an average score of 98.7% in 2012.

Sterling staff members realize the significance of this award and are proudly celebrating this unprecedented achievement.  Mr. Quigley, commented, “This group [Sterling Technologies] is stronger than it ever has been and this award shows just how hard-working and dedicated our staff and employees truly are.  I have no doubt that we’ll see a fourth, fifth, sixth award on our shelves”.  Sterling’s third Vendor of the Year award is on display with the many other achievements the company has received.

Sterling Technologies, Inc. is a full service custom rotational molding company specializing in “cradle to grave” developments of rotationally molded components. Service capabilities include concept design, CAD design services, prototype and production rotational molding, product assembly, final packaging, warehousing and distribution. For more information on how STI can help you, contact them at:


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