New Year, New Coat of Paint

Sterling Technologies, Inc. - Custom Plastics Rotational Molding Supplier
Lake City, PA 16423
January 22, 2013

2013 brings forth a year of "new" for Sterling Technologies, Inc.  Chief among them is the transition of Dean Viehl into the position of Plant Manager.  Dean has been with the company for just under a year, yet has shown dedication and leadership that made him an ideal candidate for the role.  Mr. Viehl is working with staff and employees to improve safety and efficiency.  One of the new projects that was just completed as of this week was the cleanup and restoration of the small 160 machine.  In addition to a new paint job, the machine has had refurbished doors and insulation installed along with additional maintenance.  Here are some before and after images:

Mr. Viehl intends to perform similar upgrades to the other machines at the Sterling facility, including the newest 220 machine. The machine "facelifts" are just the begining of various programs that will be completed by the new Plant Manager to improve the business. Doug Walker, Production Manager, commented, "There's still a lot we want to do but Dean has already made some noticeable and significant improvements". Future items include assembly line updates, a leaner materials management system, and many smaller, department-based proposals.

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