New Faces

Sterling has been rated as the fastest growing rotational molder by Plastics News.  And when you expand as fast as we do, you need a good staff in place to support that growth.  Within just the last few months, Sterling has hired a new Quality Manager, an additional Engineer, and another Salesman.

The new QM is Randy English.  Randy has worked with a few local plastics companies and brings quite a bit of experience to the table.  Mike Kosteniuk has well over a decade of experience in product design and has already made a huge effort in turning out great CAD work.  The all new salesman, Greg Mooney, has been hired to assist the President, Mr. Cary Quigley, as the National Accounts Manager.  If you're working with us now or in the near future, it's very likely you'll encounter one of these gentlemen.  Be sure to say hello and welcome them to the team.  

"It's outstanding that we're in such a position to be able to bring in this many employees at a time when other companies similar in size are struggling to maintain their current staff", said President Quigley.  And there is a strong possibility of more members being added to the Customer Service, Purchasing, and Marketing departments.

If you or someone you know wants to apply for a position at Sterling Technologies, visit our careers page for more information.

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