Rain Barrels and Composters

Outdoor products like composters and rain barrels are very commonly produced by the rotational molding process. Using UV resistant resins keeps the plastic products looking good for years. 

Molded Rain Savers and Rain Barrel

Did you know 600 gallons of water will drain off of a regular 1000 square foot roof after only an inch of rain. Rain barrels are a popular way to capture that rain water. You then keep that water from running off into sewers where most of it ends up leeching into lakes, rivers, and streams, contaminating fragile eco-cultures. And this is water that could be used in your gardens, lawn, or most other around-the-house functions. Your plants will enjoy the fresh, additive-free, water supply and you won't have to waste your money on running hoses. And if you're looking for other ways to help the planet, browse our line of composters as well.

Plastic Composters

Bins and Tumblers are the most common types of containers used to produce compost. Bins typically hold more than tumblers but must be aerated constantly. Tumblers aerate easily but usually don't hold as much material.

One example of a tumbler is the Compost Wizard resolves both of these short comings. Its massive drum is one of the largest on the market. Handholds allow you to get a grip to optimize your torque unlike complex, crank-driven systems that are clunky and break over time. The composter's low profile keep it from blowing over in high winds, help keep it out of sight, and makes it convenient for loading and unloading material.

A common problem with all composters is that you must transport material across the yard which can be heavy. The drum can be leveraged off of the base and rolled to your desired location: No heavy lifting! And the 16" twist lid makes access very easy while also sealing in precious compost tea and keeping out animals. Fresh compost can be made in just 14 days and you only have to turn it once a week or after addition of new material. And to make things easier, it comes completely assembled so you can start composting immediately.

50 Gallon Palm Rain Saver
Sterling Custom Paint
Deep Texture Pattern
Molded top detail
Mobile Rotating Composter
English Wall Concept Rain Barrel
3D Moldel of a Rotomolded Aqua Garden
Rotationally molded Plastic Rain Barrel
Plastic Composter and Self Watering Garden

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