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Sterling Rotational Molding has more than 100,000 square feet of production and warehouse space. At the heart of the facility, are six rotational molding machines with with multiple arms, each able to carry two or more molds. This gives Sterling technologies the capacity to produce high volume parts or jump in to the production cycle to mold a few parts. 
 The company's tooling and mold making facilities allow customers to add molds as well as modify and repair molds.

Located in Lake City, PA the plant operates 24/7/365 and that requires organization and procedures to move product though finishing and assembly and on to the warehouse.
Below are shots of production moving throughout the plant.

STI Rotomolding Facility and Parts
STI Rotationally Molded Products
STI Rotationally Molded Products
Rotational Molding
Rotomold Parts Awaiting Assembly
Sterling Factory Inprocess Production
Flame fininshing provide a high gloss surface
Complex Assembles
Assembly Work
STI Plant 044
Mold In Graphics
Inventoried Items
Tools in Storage
Mold Fabricating
Rotational Molding Plant
STI Rotationally Molded Parts
STI Rotational Molding Plant
Rotational Molding Cooling Chamber
Forms with Air Pressure
Rotomolded underground municipal drain
Rotationally Molding Process
Sterling's Rotational Molding Machine R2
Mold Mangement Area
Design Engineers
QC Leak Testing

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